Advisory Services

Advisory Services

True independence means having plenty of choices. Calton Advisory provides you with many cost-effective options to build your practice the way you want it. We offer multiple platforms and custodians so you can conduct your business with minimum disruption to you or your clients. Our technology tools and support staff can seamlessly integrate portfolio management, billing, reporting, CRM and other advisory functions so you can focus on building client relationships instead of operations.

We offer a number of flexible fee-based programs that can be tailored to meet the needs of your clients. Our platforms provide you access to several programs including

  • Advisor Directed
  • Calton Directed (Premier-MAP)
  • Separately Managed Accounts
  • Mutual Fund and ETF Wrap
  • Client Directed
  • Unified Managed Accounts
  • Third Party Money Managers


Hybrid Options
Calton’s hybrid solutions allow you to benefit from the flexibility of having your own independent RIA, while at the same time continuing to generate commissions using Calton’s brokerage services.

You have a lot of flexibility in choosing the platform and custodian for RIA assets.

We have the following custodian relationships for RIAs:

  • TD Ameritrade Institutional
  • National Financial Services LLC
  • Hilltop Securities
  • Fidelity Clearing & Custody SolutionsSM


Asset Management
Premier Managed Advisory Program (“Premier-MAP”) is an advisory program offered by Calton that provides all-inclusive investment management and asset allocation services to IARs and their clients. These unique portfolios are designed and managed using investment sleeves. A sleeve is a group of securities that represent an investment style, sector, theme, asset class or asset allocation model.

Premier-MAP portfolios are developed by Calton’s investment research team and/or by third-party asset managers. Calton’s investment committee makes the investment selection and management decisions for Premier-MAP portfolios.

Premier-MAP is a wrap program. All clearing, custody, portfolio management and portfolio re-balancing fees are ‘wrapped’ into one fee for the client and the IAR. This cost-effective program allows IARs to focus on building client relationships without worrying about operations, trading and portfolio management.


Advisory Technology
We utilize Envestnet’s integrated offering through National Financial Services to empower our Advisors to serve their managed accounts clients. Our technology offers –

  • Unmatched Investment Access: Broad access to more than 15,000 products, hundreds of SMA managers, and our elite network of strategists.
  • Integrated Financial Management: Automatic monitoring, efficient rebalancing, and archivable action plans that help meet compliance standards.
  • Expertise for an Advisory Edge: Advanced research, integrated analytics, and expert advisory support to help build winning portfolios and recommendations.
  • Comprehensive Performance Reporting: Create customized, branded, and easy-to-read reports that can incorporate data from hundreds of sources. Get clear perspective on your clients’ entire financial landscape by including assets you may not manage into a single overarching report.